Friday, 14 October 2011

Photographs from 2nd class 2011

Healthy fruit bowls!!
We learned the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet.
We also learned about the food pyramid which we can use to help us make the right choices to keep our bodies healthy.

We enjoyed singing our "Safe Cross Code " song which teaches us the steps to keep us safe as we cross the road.....ALWAYS remember this important code!!
We have learned alot about the beautiful season of Autumn and all the changes that occur in our environment and lives  : weather, clothes that we wear, hibernating animals, migrating birds, deciduous trees and leaves and the busy life of the farmer during this harvest season.

Famous Fashion Designers: We really enjoyed making clothes out of different fabrics. As you can see we will have lots of "fahionistas" from this class in a few years!!!!Watch out Coco Chanel!!!
A spiky hedgehog getting ready for his long winter sleep.
More Talent.......threading and sewing practice!

The children loved making these rice krispie buns but enjoyed eating them more!!!. They made sure to follow the steps of their recipe very carefully.

Buzzing Bees: We did a little project about bees and found out lots of information about these busy creatures!! We are like busy bees in their hive - always working hard and together in room 9!!
"Them bones,them bones need calcium"- we have learned about some of the bones we have in our body, their functions and the importance of keeping our bones healthy and strong.
Hot air balloons.

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